Posted by: iamwillwhite | November 27, 2018

A Good Day to Live Hard…

Wow… just found this unpublished blog from March 7th… 2013!!! So screw it, going to publish it now anyway.

Epic… That’s how I would describe Friday!

It started like any other day, a disagreement about parenting, enhanced by the fact that the wife had woken up next to ‘the other guy’ – Avengers Assemble fans will get this…

The day then changed, normally one would don suitable attire and ride on his noble stead to work but plans were afoot so a lift was provided. (that’s right, I used to own a 125cc motorbike).

Work was initially as work is… Work! A meeting was attended and an uncertain future was still unclear. (I’m trying to work out exactly which job I was doing then… Harmoni forHealth maybe?)

Throughout the day I attempted to contact ‘the Seller’ (of a VW Polo) but attempts did fail. Eventually at 1610 a link was established and all systems were go.

My companion (let’s call him JC) was due at 1700 but at 1630, with no word from him, panic and doubt were in full throttle. Subsequent tries to correspond were unsuccessful. Fortunately they he arrived and the journey to Lymington had begun.

Our ETA was 1730 but we limped in at 1750. This wouldn’t have been such a bad thing if we didn’t have somewhere else to be at 1900.

Inspection proved satisfactory and purchase of a vehicle was made. A beautiful black VW Polo, I wasn’t to know at the time it was the noisiest car I’ve ever owned. Now I needed to insure it.

Insurance attempt one… Fail
Insurance attempt two… Fail
Day insurance attempt by JC… Eventually succeeded.

Unfortunately, I’m sure there was a third party involved in lifts, but I can’t think who. Maybe it was the wife, who then drove home. It’s very confusing trying to think 5 years ago.

Anyway… JC drove my Polo faster than I ever drove it, but those who know that I drive like I’m driving Miss Daisy know that I don’t speed, except that one time. The reason JC was driving like a man possessed was that we had free tickets to the premier of Die Hard 4. Despite the madness we arrived during the introduction with free popcorn and drinks. Sadly, it was JC’s first Die Hard film. Sad for many reasons. 1. It isn’t the best Die Hard film. 2. It made me sad to remember how young he was.

Long blog short, well, not quite although still under 500 words. JC and I thoroughly enjoyed Die Hard and 3 days later, my son was born. So all in all, a pretty fantastic weekend.

Thanks again to the wife (who won us the free tickets and let me go while she was 9 months pregnant) and JC (who helped me buy a piece of shit car that died a slow death but I really enjoyed the built-in DVD player when I could hear the movie over the sound of the engine…).


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