Posted by: iamwillwhite | September 9, 2013

“You know it’s fake don’t you?”

Picto002We are, of course, talking about wrestling or, for the sake of separating ‘real’ wrestling from ‘fake’ wrestling, we are talking about WWE (formerly WWF) and TNA Wrestling.

My response, to the question in the aforementioned title, varies but typically I acknowledge that I know that the ‘wrestling’ is choreographed and storylines are scripted.

It doesn’t end there though, there is usually a follow up question, “Why do you watch it then?” The answer is simple, it entertains me. The same way that people are entertained by other ‘fake’ television programming, Eastenders certainly isn’t real, and I’m pretty sure it is scripted… The Walking Dead isn’t factually based as far as I am aware and don’t get me started on CSI (not that I dislike it but even the ‘real forensic facts’ appear somewhat covered in bullshit).

So why does it entertain me? Why do I enjoy watching buff sweaty men in tight pants beating on each other?

I enjoy the athleticism… seriously, YouTube Rey Mysterio or Justin Gabrielle and you’ll see some amazing feats.

I enjoy the strength and seeing the hard hits… being hit by a chair, ladder or Big Show’s WMD is still going to hurt, no matter who you are or how ‘fake’ it is.

I enjoy the familiarity, the one that comes with watching anything for a long time I guess. I was a closet fan in my childhood, only ‘coming out’ when I met someone who I respected who was openly into men wrestling in tight pants (although please remember there are women in similar outfits too). I then met likeminded fans at University and, so long as Wrestle Talk and TNA play on Challenge TV and WWE on Sky One, then I’m there every Sunday, catching up on the storylines, fights and tightness.

I enjoy the mindlessness. Life is busy and while watching the high fliers and the heavyweights my brain is disengaged, what a lovely feeling indeed. The only active thought that might replay is… I should do that… I’ll start getting buff tomorrow. Of course, tomorrow never comes.

I invite you naysayers to tune in, turn off and enjoy the carnivalesque at its best.


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