Posted by: iamwillwhite | July 14, 2013

147 days later…

WP_001570in 3 days it’ll be 5 months since Logan was born. “Wow”, people will say, it seems like only yesterday he was born, “hasn’t that gone fast?”.

My honest answer is, “No! I’ve felt every fucking minute.” Perhaps that’ll come across a little strong but it is true, in a sense. Some things go quickly, but, for me, parenthood goes really, really slowly. I remember every conscious minute and every painstaking hour.

I make it sound like a chore, but I don’t mean it to. In fact, Logan is definitely my favourite child right now… HE JUST SAID WHAT!!! That’s right, I have that which I shouldn’t, a favourite. I love Willow. She is amazing, truly bright and gifted with talents well ahead of where she should be (we’ve been told, and seen). That being true, she is currently an absolute monster, the child that they mean when they talk about the terrible twos.

????????????????Willow knows how to behave, she knows what is naughty, she knows what is rude and she loves to push our buttons! One minute you want to Homer-style clasps your hands around her neck and shake her until she complies with instruction and the next minute you want to hug her and never let go.

Logan knows nothing. His innocence is his gift. If he is hungry, he cries. If he is tired, he cries. If he is bored.. you get where I’m going with this. And although his banshee-spec wailing can make my entire body tense, I know he doesn’t know any better way of communicating, and that is why he is number one child, he doesn’t know any better!

WP_001574It’s funny isn’t it? Right now I want to go upstairs and wake them up for a cuddle, but in 4 hours, when they are shouting out because they need a wee or screaming because they need feeding I’ll forget how much I love them…


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