Posted by: iamwillwhite | February 11, 2013

What I’ll miss about my motorbike…

228694_10150578139055177_6525370_nThat’s right, my two-wheeled days are almost over. My Yamaha Enticer 125 and I will be parting ways soon enough, but before I say goodbye after less than two years I feel it is only right to share with you what I’ll miss most about my bike, biking and being a biker!

1. Cheap to tax – at £16, everyone’s a winner, well, everyone with a small engine’d motorbike!
2. Cheap to run – 250 miles from a full tank, £15 for a full tank… 95mpg. Amazing right?
3. Free parking – and lots of it! A real penny saver.
4. Traffic jam? – no such thing on a wide’ish road! Just filter away to the front of the queue, a real time saver and a great way to say ‘Fuck you’ to the idiots that overtake because you are doing 32mph in a 30 only to sit in traffic and watch my ride by…
5. Bikers – the majority I’ve bikers I’ve met are really friendly. I appreciate every passing nod (the bikers’ salute), outstretched foot (the way to say thanks when someone lets you by) and every conversation I’ve had when parking up or sat at traffic lights. I may well just keep my helmet with me, for conversation’s sake!
6. Taking the scenic route – currently, on my 125 license I’m banned from motorways which means I must take the scenic route – and what a route it is. Lots of trees, big beautiful houses and pretty villages, and with vision enough to take it all in…
7. Vision – talking of vision I think I’ll miss this most of all. Sure, you’re a bit shire horsed but wherever you turn your head, you have perfect vision (discounting those cold days when your glasses/visor fog from your own breath).

There are lots of things I won’t miss about my motorbike, but this blog isn’t about that, it’s about what I will miss, but what I must forgo. Goodbye wheels of two, perhaps we’ll meet again when I hit my mid-life crisis – can’t wait!

Thanks for reading, and to those still of powered wheels of two… I’ll sigh every time you pass me by…221902_10150578139425177_490073_n


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