Posted by: iamwillwhite | January 22, 2013

Thinking time…

just because...Time is a wonderful thing. It can pass in the blink of an eye or drag on endlessly. It can heal wounds (physically and emotionally) and it can make you see the error of your ways. But right now, time is forcing me to think.

So here I am, in the back of the company car with nothing but my own thoughts and 90s Groove CD3 on the tinny car stereo for company. Of course there are my colleagues too but we exhausted conversation well before we left the M25.

My thoughts are vast yet there is only one thought that repeats on me… I want a new career.

My career is well paid (although it took me a long time to get here) and if I apply myself, the financial rewards will be plenty… However, with increased salary comes increased expectation and the likelihood of more hours and more time away from my wife, daughter and her sibling (still gestating).

That in itself isn’t an awful thing, so long as I still spent a good chunk of time with them it’d be worth it if I enjoyed what I do. And the stark reality is that I don’t.

There are elements that I enjoy but the frustrations outweigh the satisfactions. I know I’m not alone but I’m not comfortable with this level of dissatisfaction. The initial buzz of going to work and ‘making a difference’ has slowly fizzled away and all I’m left with is the feeling that I should be doing something that I’m passionate about…

So, time to put my money where my mouth is. Time to focus on my passion and turn procrastination into action. Thoughts into words. Ideas into fortune and fame…

For your pleasure, here is a link to a short story I’ve recently written. I won’t tell you anything about it but please read it and leave me a comment. The Last Tower, William A. White

Will-waffle over, thank you for taking the time to read my thoughts. Like, comment or do nothing!



*Apologies for the picture… I appreciate it has no relevance with the post but it tickles me every time I see it, I hope it tickled (or disturbed) you


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