Posted by: iamwillwhite | January 19, 2013

Week One… or there about

Picto002Technically it isn’t Week One of the year, that’d have been at least 10 days ago. And it isn’t even Week One of my new diet and exercise plan, that should have been recorded on Monday. But it is as close as I’m going to get, and the first time I’ve taken the time to share with you my thoughts.

I fear there will be three types of people reading this blog. Those who know me well, love me well and enjoy reading my ramblings (that is one group by the way – we’ll call them the Avids). Those who know me well(ish), like me and will read my blog if it is short, has an interesting picture and they have time – let’s call you the Chancers. And finally, the Randoms, also known as the Stumblers. If there are any Stumblers out there, say hi, I’d like to know how you found me!

That was pointless, I won’t be going anywhere to comment on the types or why I mentioned that. Ah, no, I did have a point… life is busy, so short and sweet blogs from now on, that’ll keep you coming back for more. Under 500 words, or your money back…

Moving on…

It’d be easy to reflect on the days gone by, the things I did (or didn’t do) but I think sometimes it is just better to share your thoughts right now, in the moment… so here goes.

I’ve just finished editing Real Life Special, a feature in Baby Hampshire magazine that focuses on tragedy and triumph and the human spirit, and I’m left feeling extremely grateful for everything I have and, current family issues aside (don’t ask), how lucky I really am.

I have a wife – who loves me (and I her), an amazing daughter (my face aches from two years of grinning pride), a baby on the way (which I forget, and then when I remember again I find myself smiling and frowning all in one), a career (albeit not one I want to stay in) and a home to call my own. I’ve worked hard for it, it hasn’t just fallen at my feet, but after reading that feature, and shedding more than my fair share of tears, I feel blessed. Take the time to appreciate what you haven’t had to endure!

“You cannot control everything life throws at you, but you can control how you react to it!”


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